Introducing New Renfrew Pro Tape Branding & Website
on 1 Feb, 2017
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Scapa is proud to announce the rebranding of its popular Renfrew™ Hockey Tape brand to new Renfrew Pro Tape™ and the launch of a new supporting website and end-user social media campaign.

Throughout the second half of 2016, the Renfrew marketing team worked closely with Toronto-based advertising agency Octopus Ink on a rebranding campaign that reflected Renfrew’s market-leading hockey tape position. Customer research and market intelligence stated that the Renfrew brand is highly trusted in the marketplace for top quality and performance. For over 30 years, Renfrew has been the leading brand by introducing innovative adhesive technologies.

Hockey players of all levels – from amateur, collegiate and professional – recognized, above all, that players have built overwhelming trust in Renfrew Tape throughout their hockey careers. And that Renfrew is the professional hockey tape brand that players all over the world rely on to help achieve their hockey playing dreams. Renfrew Pro Tape™ was chosen as the new brand name and a new supporting logo was created.

To fully support the Renfrew Pro Tape™ rebranding a decision was made to start fresh with an innovative website design that embodies the new branding and showcases the full Renfrew Pro Tape™ portfolio. The new website will offer visitors a dynamic online resource of Renfrew product news, images, applications, descriptions, technical specifications, training videos, contests, retail partner links, testimonials and more:

In response to a growing interest in our social media accounts over the past few years, Renfrew social media channels have also been renamed and redesigned to support the new website and rebranding efforts. Further, the Renfrew marketing team will be rolling out a variety of social media campaigns in the months to come – focusing primarily on Facebook and Instagram platforms. Look for exciting end-user contests, skill competitions and other “cool” announcements at the new Renfrew Pro Tape™ social media accounts:

Instagram: @RenfrewProTape
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