Pro‐Blade™ Split White Cloth Tape

Product Number: 101R

Application: Stick handles and blades

Specially designed for today's composite field hockey sticks, Pro‐Blade™ White Cloth Split Tape from Renfrew Pro™ incorporates an advanced adhesive formulation applied to a polyester/cotton cloth base, resulting in a more substantial cloth tape with increased wear characteristics.

This tape has been split into two widths, offering flexibility in creating a custom and functional grip on the handle of your hockey stick.  The wider side can be used for the handle or blade and the narrow side can be twisted or layered to customize your grip.

Advanced Features

  • Protects sticks from abrasion
  • Helps with puck control
  • Moisture resistant
  • 2 sizes provide options for creating a custom grip on hockey sticks or other sports handles

Available In

Also available in our Renfrew Pro™ Season Tape Pack with 20 rolls of white Pro‐Blade™ Cloth Tape, or our combo pack that includes 6 white and 4 black Pro‐Blade™ Cloth Tapes and 10 Polyflex™ Clear Shin Pad Tape rolls.

Reviews and Testimonials


Paul Coffey

"During my NHL career, I had a lot of choice in the hockey tape I could use however, Renfrew was the only tape that I felt comfortable with. I started with Renfrew and ended my career with it."


Gary Roberts

"In my 21 season NHL hockey career, I had a lot of choice in what hockey tape I could use. Day in and day out, Renfrew was simply the best !!"


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